Article by Marc Andrew

August 26th 2015 in Sketch App News

My favourite plugins for Sketch app

Let me show you, fellow Sketch app user, or yet to be converted Photoshop silly person, some of the best plugins for Sketch.

I’ve now been using the glorious Sketch since version 2, and the more foothold it has gotten over these past 12 months or more, yup, you guessed it, the more some awesome folks have begun building out fantastic plugins for the app.

If it’s down to the team at Bohemian Coding (they’re still a small bunch remember) not adding a specific feature yet, or a developer out there saying ‘I need this functionality regardless’, there are quite a few golden nuggets for Sketch app now filtering through, and ones that I use on a very regular basis when working on a new project.

Let me hit you with the rundown of some of my favourite plugins for Sketch…

Content Generator



This one is an absolute given when working on larger scale projects within Sketch. If you’re looking at designing a large desktop template, or creating multiple, detailed artboards for an iOS app, the time saved with this plugin is immeasurable.

It allows you to…

  • Pull in large chunks of text, for those blog posts you are mocking up
  • Headshots (male or female) for item comments on one of your artboards
  • Images of the most hipsterified (no that’s not a real word) looking bands to use for the cover art in your iOS app mockups

Download the plugin here >

Sketch Style Inventory



Now. If you’re like me, on the odd occasion, and like to leave your style guide till the end of the project (not the best way, but hey, we’ve all done it), this plugin is a dream to have in your Sketch arsenal. Great for handing off to your developer, with every aspect of your Sketch file covered. Colours, Typography, and the Symbols you’ve used throughout. A truly handy plugin to have alongside you.

Download the plugin here >

Sketch Subtle Patterns



Bring back the patterns I say. Bring back the texture (in moderation), and this plugin is perfect for that.

Download the plugin here >

Unsplash It



Now you can happily drop in placeholder images from Unsplash with the Content Generator plugin. But if you just want image placeholders, and you have big love for Unsplash, then this plugin just does the job, plain & simple.

Download the plugin here >

I’m working on an awesome Guide for Sketch…

Book cover for The Sketch App Design Handbook

I’m currently working on a Guide for Sketch ‘The Sketch App Design Handbook’. Join the Mailing list here to be kept informed on it’s progress, and for further information.

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